Fetal Doppler Detector & Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer

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Fetal Doppler Information

The Fetal Doppler is a kit used to detect the heartbeat of an unborn baby. It features a large LCD with a blue back light that displays the heartbeat per minute, a built-in loudspeaker with buttons to increase or decrease the heartbeat volume, and a 3.0 MHz waterproof ultrasound probe with coil cable.


1. Display with back light LCD 2. Humanised bend probe for convenient operation 3. 3 work modes: real-time, average, manual 4. Built-in speaker gives clear and loud voice. output for headphones 5. High sensitivity probe, can be changed on requirement 6. Automatic shutdown function in case of no work for one minute 7. CE FDA Approved Fetal Doppler

Note: Battery will not be included

Thermometer Information

Memory: 50 sets Measurement error: ± 0.1- ± 0.3 degrees Celsius Measurement Distance: 1-3cm Measurement Range: 34-42.9℃ Battery: DC-3V. 2-AAA Alkaline Batteries (Not Included) Size: 138*95*40mm Weight: 90g Temperature mode Backlight with Three Different Color * Green 34-37.3 degrees Celsius; 99.2 - 99.14 degrees Fahrenheit * Orange 37.4-38.0 degrees Celsius; 99.32 - 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit * Red 38.1-42.9 degrees Celsius; 100.58 - 107.42 degrees Fahrenheit Measure 

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