Anti-Fog Swim Googles

  • £14.89
  • Save £10

Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles.The most comfortable way to swim without the fogginess.

  • Flexible straps for easy and comfortable wear. Easily adjustable and back clips so they can be put on and off very quickly 
  • Protect your eyes from UV whilst swimming and an option to choose the darker lens for extra protection 
  • 100% leak proof and ideal for all swimmers. Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Curved lens to create a large area of vision and provide clear vision throughout your swim and the anti-fog glass is truly incredible

They are made out of soft silicone material sealed end to end to ensure leak proof guarantee. Clear vision and no fogginess throughout your whole swim.

Easy clasp to take the glasses on and off.



They are durable and long lasting and extremely comfortable. 

  • Grab yours while stocks last
  • 100% product guarantee and secure shipping
  • Different sizes and colours available so pick your colour and enjoy your swim



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