Barbell Cushion Pad with Ankle Strap and Hip Band Gym Home Workout Set

  • £35.96
  • Save £34

1.THICK CUSHIONED PAD SUPPORT: Made from high quality and high density foam designed to protect your hips, neck and shoulders. Quick slip design to fit any type of barbell or smith machine. Works for all your favourite butt and leg exercises including hip thrusts, squats, lunges and more.

2.ANTI-SLIP RESISTANCE BAND: Made from high quality, durable cotton polyester elastic fabric that will not slip unlike latex bands. Use our 14.96 inch resistance band to activate your glutes and for added intensity during your workout.

3.ANKLE STRAP: Made from ultra-comfortable nylon padding with heavy duty nylon fastening tape. Our ankle strap adjusts seamlessly to your ankle size. Connect to any cable machine and use for kickbacks, leg raises, hip abduction and more.

Package included:

1x Barbell Pad with Carry Bag 2x Ankle Straps 1x Resistance Band 2x Safety fixation strap

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