Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit

  • £26.99

Deelife Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit is an easy option to support you keep up with the boredom during a long car drive. Deelife brand has a reputation for being a great brand with its attracting smart gadgets. With Auto power ON and power OFF this car kit is absolutely handsfree. You will not have to move a needle when you have this Bluetooth gadget around.

Make phone calls and answer incoming calls all with an intelligent speech recognition that takes voice-based commands as simple as a "YES" or "NO".  You can use this handsfree car kit to communicate on the go that also can support voice assistant apps as well as can read incoming phone numbers for you. With a 2W loudspeaker, you get a clear and loud sound, even if the car window is open.

The 1000mAh battery has a standby time of 60 days or more with 750 hours of Bluetooth connection time. This means you charge once and can use for one month without recharging. If you want to top your productivity, this smart gadget certainly fits the bill. The Qualcomm Kalimba DSP noise cancellation is good enough that you can hear clearer sound through NX1 speaker. Additionally, the Qualcomm CVC 6.0 audio technology used in this Bluetooth Handsfree car kit, delivers excellent sound so that the other person can clearly hear your voice when on a call. Hot Selling!

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