Butt Lift Padded Underwear – Perfect-Lift Hip Enhancer

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Butt Lift Padded Underwear – Perfect-Lift Hip Enhancer

Get the perfect fitting underwear for a more natural and fuller looking but not at the expense of your own comfort with the Butt Lift Padded Underwear – Perfect-Lift Hip Enhancer!

The perfect but lifter will give you an instant and more confident boost. The advanced design of the shapewear will help to control the butt, the hips, and the upper thighs all in one. The soft fabric of the bum enhancer has good elasticity that will ensure a snug but breathable and comfortable fit on the body. The sexy underwear features removable padding that you can take out and put in whenever you’re in need of a quick lift.


The butt and hip enhancer will give you a seamless and smooth look that will be invisible underneath any type of clothing. Perfect for bandage dresses or Bodycon type outfits for casual wear or special occasions. Complement your sexy voluptuous figure by plumping up your butt with these padded panties that are easy to wear and look great because of its sexy lace trim. You don’t need to worry if you’ve got a bit more meat on your bones. This Butt Lift Padded Underwear – Perfect-Lift Hip Enhancer will smoothen everything out for you and make you look trim and toned in the back.

These butt enhancing panties is perfect for anyone who feels that they’re derriere is a bit on the lacking side and would like to liven it up a little and give their butt a nice lift while evening out the look of the upper thighs and hips. Washing is also simple for these butt lifting padded panties. Like all of your delicates, these underwear are also hand-wash only and remember to remove pads before washing. Curvy is the new sexy and now you can gain an extra boost in confidence in whatever outfit you wear with the butt and hip enhancer!

Butt Lift Padded Underwear - Perfect-Lift Hip Enhancer


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Butt and Hip Lift Underwear

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