1 Christmas Laser Light Projector

  • £49.99
  • Save £40

Say goodbye to traditional lights, their tangled wires and say hello to Christmas Laser Light Projector. It is a festival lights projector that can decorate your house single-handedly by projecting various lights, graphics, and patterns anywhere you need.

It's perfect for Christmas, festivals, weddings, house parties, landscape decoration, and anything else you can think of. 

This laser light projector can be set up indoors as well as outdoors easily. Once installed, your house will be instantly saturated with splendid lights that cover up more than 650 sq. meters. You will be always ready for every occasion, event or house party.

Being waterproof and heat-resistant, there is no problem in leaving it out during rains or sunny afternoons. So, if you are tired of just white snowflake lights and their knotted wires during festivals, Christmas Laser Light Projector is the thing for you!



  • Multiple Installation Attachments: With three different attachments, Christmas Laser Light Projector can be installed anywhere. This led projector light can be staked in the ground and with the stake removed, it can also be mounted to a wall or structure using a sturdy hanging clamp.

  • Radio Frequency Remote Control: The light remote lets you select red, green, or green and red lights from the comfort of your home. The range of remote is around 50 feet. If you are not home, use the remote to set a timer so your light automatically turns off.

  • 270° Flexible Neck: If you have installed these laser decorative lights and wish to change the focus of your projection, remember that Christmas Laser Light Projector is equipped with a 270° flexible neck which means you can refocus its projection anytime at your desired spot.

  • Premium Quality: Made with Aluminum and ABS material, this Christmas laser light projector is very durable and sturdy. Along with its waterproof abilities, it is dustproof and weatherproof as well, making it the ideal festival light which can be used event after event for many years.