Deep Cleaning Facial Steamer

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  • NANO-ATOMIZATION TECHNOLOGY: Designed with nano-atomization technology, which steams 10x than traditional steamer more effective at penetrating and moisturize your skin, meaning you enhance your blood circulation.
  • Detox skin: Cleans toxins, dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oils and sebum which causes Acne & Blackheads.
  • Cleanse pores: Opens and unclogs pores to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. Melts away dead skin cells.  Makes toner, cream, and other nutrients more absorbable.
  • Spa-like experience: Ultimate way to bring a piece of spa luxury back to your home. Will leave you feeling pampered!
  • Immediate Results: See clear and glowing skin after the first use. 


What it is:

An at-home, professional facial device delivering patented micro-steam technology.  Helps to infuse skin with hydration, clarify the complexion, and detoxify skin, leaving an immediate healthy-looking radiance.  Harness the power of steam to infuse skin with hydration.

Full-Powered Steam within minutes, turns clean water into Micro-Fine particles to produce a powerful, consistent mist. You can enjoy a relax steaming with consistent mist for 10 minutes.  Very easy set-up.  Very easy to use. 


HOW TO USE (Easy):
  1. Fill up the water compartment.
  2. Plug in the facial steamer and turn on.
  3. Steam skin for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Your skin is now hydrated and cleansed!

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