Dog Silencer - Anti Barking Device

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1. This product can probe the dog barking quickly and accurately.
2. The sound control horn can generate and emit the ultrasonic.
3. Adopting rechargeable design and displaying it on the digital screen.
4. There are 4 frequencies to choose from, which is more effective for stimulating different kinds of pets or animals.
5. The sensing distance can be chosen, the sensitivity can be adjusted, and the most suitable gear can be set according to the use environment.
6. The ultrasonic power is increased, the coverage is wider, and the ultrasonic stimulation is strong.
7. It is waterproof and can achieve to IP45.
8. Working Distance: 50 feet / 15 meters.
9. 15 / 20kHz frequency is most commonly used to stop barking.

How to use it :

Charging the collar: To charge the device, plug the black USB charging cable that is supplied into the bottom of the device and connect it to either a Laptop, PC or power supply that is≤2 amp.
The device can be charged in three hours and will work continuously for 30 days .
When charging the device, the digital display will show the power level and continue to flash until it is fully charged. When the product is fully charged, the digital display will show a“4”. Before turning on the device unplug the USB charger.
Turning the device ON-OFF
To turn the device ON press the“POWER” button down for 3 seconds and it will beep once with the digital display flashing a green number which will then disappear.
To Turn device OFF press the"POWER" button down for 3 seconds and it will beep twice and turn itself off.


The digital display shows the levels of sensitivity and Frequency.
You can choose to adjust the sensitivity from 1-4 by constantly pressing the sensitivity button.
Level 1 is the least sensitive and level 4 is the most sensitive.
You can choose to adjust the ultrasonic Frequency from 1-4 by constantly pressing the Frequency button.
Level 1-ultrasonic Frequency 15KHZ, digital display 1 with 6 seconds
Level 2-ultrasonic Frequency 20KHZ, digital display 2 with 6 seconds
Level 3- ultrasonic Frequency 30KHZ, digital display 3 with 6 seconds
Level 4- ultrasonic Frequency will emit for 1-3 level 3 different ultrasonic frequency sounds with 6 seconds, digital display 4.

Package Include:
1 x Baking Stopping Device

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