1 Dog Vehicle Clip Seat Belt

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The Dog Vehicle Clip Seat Belt allows your dog to move around safely on their seat but avoid distracting you, the driver.

Keep your dog safe on every trip!

Over 400,000 people each year get in car accidents because they’re distracted, sometimes by their loveable and excitable dog in the backseat. The Dog Vehicle Clip Seat Belt also ensures that your dog remains safe in case of an accident. These types of accidents can be disastrous for your dog, leading to injury or even death.

If you buckle you and your kids in, why not your dog?











How it Works 

dog seat belt dogclip

Why you should buckle up your dog:

    • It gives your dog a feeling of security.
    • Frees the driver from possible distraction.
    • Lowers the chance of injury.


    • The seatbelt can adjust from 53 to 74 cm.
    • Fits any vehicle by snapping the buckle into the seat belt clasp
    • Black nylon strap comes with a silver reflective ribbon for night time
    • “No tangle” design allows to lay, sit or stand without disturbing the driver
    • Features a bungee that effectively absorbs shock during impact

Product Specifications:


    • Material: Senior Nylon Fabric
    • Adjustable length: About 43-74 cm
    • Width: About 2.5cm