Floating Beer Pong - Best Pool Floats For Adults

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This floating beer pong tableis aimed at people who love to play water games at the pool or beach. Designed for thosemoments spent in the pool, a fun and exciting game of beer pong guarantees loads of fun for everybody! Floating Beer Pong - Best Pool Floats For Adults is capable of carrying all your iceand drinks afloat on the water surface securely! Now you can enjoy your pool party withdrinks and games!Party to your heart’s content without yourparty juice sinking below the water, thanks to our floating beer pong table. Our cool pool floats will delight the whole family at home or on the next outing.

The design of this pool lounge accessory is simply perfect! What makes it so great is that the floating drink holder is easy to inflate and deflate like regular pool floats. This makes it easy to store and use whenever and wherever you want. The design of the inflatable floating bar features multiple slots that serve as a snug little cup holder for each of your drinks, as well as slot to keep your ice and drink refills. Be it soda can, beer bottles/cans, juice glasses or whatever small to medium sized drink container you have, this special inflatable pool floats is sure to keep them all floating and secure while you play.

The design of the Floating Beer Pong - Best Pool Floats For Adults is made in a way thatmatches a regular set up of beer pong on a long table. There are slots for the cups in a triangular formation on both ends of the floating pool table. The center part of the table is a space with all your other drinks, and it also comes with a cover to close the space up so you can properly play beer pong and bounce the ball on the floating table.The inflation inlet valve provides a secure way to inflate the cup holder with ease. Be hydrated and keep cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.With premium and environmentally friendly PVC ensures that ourinflatable pooltable is durable and long-lasting. Its cute and whimsical design is perfect for everyone. The pool floats for adults is foldable and compact enough to fit in your bag. You can inflate and deflate the swimming pool floats quickly. No hassle at all. Just roll it up for easy storage, or simply tote around with it when you’re going places. Perfect for the beach, lake, or pool!



  • Material: PVC
  • Holes: 28
  • Size: 145X60CM Length
  • Age Range: Grownups

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Foating Beer Pong Table

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