Infant Toddler Couch

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Is your baby learning to sit?
Parenthood comes with ultimate joy and never-ending responsibilities. From the second you hold your baby in your arms, you know you have to provide them with the best of both worlds.
he initial months are extremely important for their growth and require utmost care. 
This baby sofa gives your baby the support he or she needs to figure out how to sit up on their own.

Now you can do your daily chores easily while your baby sits comfortably and observes the surrounding and develop sensory motor skills.
Designed for toddlers between 3-24 months of age the infant baby sofa is comfy, snugly and stabilises your baby’s back while protecting them from tipping forward or sliding out.


  • Comfortable and safe Design:  The Upright seating position helps to prevent after-meal reflux and provides 360-degree support to your baby while he/she learns how to sit.
    The three-hole design with attached seat bottom makes sure that the baby is comfortable and doesn’t tip forward or slid out.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Now, travel hassle-free with your little one. Lightweight and easy to carry. No matter where you are, your baby will have their own personal comfortable seat. You can put in cars, strollers or baby carriers for your kid’s ultimate comfort.
  • Premium Quality: Is hypoallergenic and gentle on your baby’s skin. Made of high-quality plush and PP cotton, this sofa is easy to clean and store.
  • Perfect for gifting: Ideal gift for birthdays and baby showers. It would be your child’s favourite place, next to your arms.

This adorable baby sofa is portable, lightweight and available in cute designs that both mamma and baby will love!
Infant Toddler Couch Specifications
  • Material: short plush + PP cotton
  • Size: 45 * 45cm / 17.72 * 17.72in approx.
  • Suitable age: 3-24 months
  • Washable: Machine or hand wash with cold water on gentle cycle

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