Magic Drawstring Cosmetic Makeup Bag

  • £14.89
  • Save £10

Carry all your make up around easily with our Quick Cosmetics Bag

  • Pull the drawstring and the bag cinches completely closed to stow or travel
  • Pack the bag in your suitcase, tuck it in your overnight bag
  • The bag conveniently fits anywhere
  • A smart and easy 4 in 1 solution, clean surface, quick cleanup, carryall and storage


  1. Conveniently Organised - Say goodbye to digging and dumping in a traditional bag! This amazing drawstring makeup pouch enables you to unpack and pack your cosmetics in just a matter of seconds! No more delays for that last minute retouch.
  2. Stylish and Wide Compartment Coverage - Not only does the compartment excel in functionality, but it also comes with a wide range of design options that will definitely suit your taste! it also features a wide compartment that measures roughly 20"/48cm diameter!
  3. Sturdy and Secured - This amazing bag features a raised lip that keeps your makeup, brushes and other cosmetics from rolling off the counter! Simply open it flat for full access, cinch the drawstring closure to seal and convert it into a clutch.
  4. Waterproof - Can be used even on wet surfaces and will prevent water from getting in contact your items.
  5. Easy to Wash - This bag is 100% Machine Washable! 

See all your cosmetics at once , clean up in seconds!

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