Magic Spa Shower

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Want a magical experience in the shower? You need this Magic Spa Shower

Enjoy luxurious Spa experience with 3-Stage Magic SPA Shower Head. Its Laser perforated technology help saves 50% water and increases 200% pressure.

The nozzle of this Shower Head atomized water particles to increase cell activation and improves mineral nutrient absorption. 

Designed with Soap Chamber for filling in Soap, Shampoo or Essential Oil to bring the whole Showering and Bathing Experience to the Next Level. 3 Stage level SPA shower.



  1. Reduce Water Bill (20-40%!)
  2. Try Showering With Shower Gel Jetting On Your Body - A Whole New Experience of Showering!
  3. Soft water, pressurized design
  4. Easy to disassemble and clean
  5. Strengthening water power

This item generates, purifies water and rejuvenates your skin in your bathtub. It has 3 shower modesrainfall, massage and jetting. Also, Its showerhead has a tiny water hole that reaches the water-saving effect. It is solid build, no leaks.



  • Material: Plastic

  • Shower Hole Number: 420( Micro Holes)

  • Shower Water Pressure: 0.5kg-7.5kg

  • Shower Length: 23cm/9.06"

  • Shower Head Diameter: 8cm/3.15"

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