1 Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

  • £34.99

Keep clean makeup brushes and cleanse away from all the unwanted blemishes!

Dirty brushes gather bacteria that wreaks havoc with your complexion. Which is why we think you are absolutely going to love this Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer. Your brushes would be  thoroughly cleansed and dried so that they are as good as being brand new every time you use them always maintaining their exclusive quality.

So NO MORE WAITING HOURS for your brushes to dry because the electric makeup brush spins it clean and dry within seconds. 

Whether you are getting ready for an event or leaving for work in the morning, there is always going to be a CLEAN brush to assist you in getting that perfect look while maintaining your skin fresh and healthy. 

 How To Use?

1. Fill the clear bowl to the water line and attach the splash guard inside. (Safe to use with any mild anti-bacterial soap) 

2. Slip your makeup brush inside the collar, and place the collar onto the spindle.

3. Insert your brush into the water, and with the touch of a button, watch your brush spin completely clean within LITERALLY seconds.

4. Pull the brush slightly out of the water to get it spinning dry. 

5. In less than 30 seconds you have a makeup brush that is as good as being brand new. 

The collar comes in multiple sizes so this Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer works on any size brush that you require. 

Say Goodbye to disgusting bacteria or dingy makeup due that were about to give your skin some unwanted disasters!

Hygiene and Maintenance is always good practice, so why waste time trying to clean brushes for hours when you can automate it within seconds?


    Packaging Includes:

    • Brush spinner X 1
    • Brush bowl X 1
    • Splash guard bowl top X 1
    • 8 brush collars X 1
    • Collar stand X1 
    • User Manual (English) X 1