Needleless Skin Moisturizing Tool

  • £42.99



  • Non-invasive atomization gun is to deepen the skin to add high-end products for the skin to add water, always keep shiny translucent, freeze-young skin, moisturizing,

  • Long Lasting effect, making the skin lasting moist and shiny

2. Whitening, rejuvenation

  • The whitening factor, the material transported to the layer, repair the skin damage, once again make the skin becomes delicate, soft white luster. Remove eye wrinkle, dark circles; skin whitening; reduce the stains and other facial skin to enhance the organization

3.Tighten or repair

  • Put a variety of vitamins to the layer, repair the skin and make it compact.

4.Wrinkle removal

  • The hyaluronic acid and the complex into the skin layer, can quickly and effectively static wrinkles, effectively reduce the dynamic wrinkles Strongly improve facial skin, create a beautiful curve.


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