1 Portable Car Air Purifier

  • £59.99
  • Save £30

The Car Air Purifier is an anion generator, it can reduce 5X106 PCS/cm3 anion when working. Unlike other traditional HEPA air purifiers, this produces anion which neutralises and precipitates the positively charged air before purifying it. No need to change HEPA filters from now on!

Anions are know for "vitamin in the air"!

The car purifier can increase the density if anion  in your car, provie you fresh air even when you are driving with all the windows closed!

Simply connect the car air purifier via car charger. 

Press the power button to turn on.

Features 2 USB ports so you can still charge your devices while it works!

Package List: 

  • 1 * car air purifier
  • 1 * Micro USB Cable
  • 1 * User Manual