Portable Cordless Grass Trimmer

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Grab your Cordless Grass Trimmer while the 50% OFF DISCOUNT is on.

NO MORE heavy & expensive grass trimmer! And NO MORE dealing with long & messy extension cords! Our Cordless Grass Trimmer is the most user-friendly portable grass trimmer out in the market which gets your trimming job done in seconds! It's lightweight, powerful, & precise. It will surely become your favourite little helper in the garden! 

Grass Trimmer is Portable but Powerful!!

Portable Cordless Grass Trimmer Features:

  • Lightweight
  • No wire or gas needed!
  • Powerful Trimmer & Edger in one!
  • Clean up garden greens in minutes
  • Easy to use: works with any standard zip ties
  • Has Extension Pole: for hard reaching places
  • Powerfully clips weeds faster & easier than ever
  • Extra Safety: Protective Debris Shield is provided

Fast rotation speed.
Can Mow the Lawn Weed easily though without blade
Safe and convenient,portable.

Package Includes:

1 X Grass Trimmer
1 X Extension Pole
35pcs X Zip Ties
1 X Debris Shield

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