Premium Full Face Snorkel Underwater Mask

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Looking for the perfect full face snorkel mask that'll take your snorkeling experience to a whole new level? Our exclusive snorkel mask was designed to provide clear visibility under water with full breathability through the long breathing tube.

This Full Face Snorkeling allows you to explore the world below the water's surface, breathing naturally through your nose and mouth. Exhaled air is vented through an exclusive patented system located in the front of the mask to make exhaling effortless and eliminate the noise that purge valves make.


Full-spectrum view, with a 180° field of vision.The liquid silicone skirt and polycarbonate frame and lens offer enormous comfort. The Snorkeling Mask has a comfortable and flexible retaining strap holds the full-face mask to your head.
An efficient water purging system uses a dump valve in the lower part of the skirt.



It works best in waters over 18°C and is based on the fact that the fresh air breathed in is projected onto the front window before reaching the nose or mouth. The moist air that you breathe out is expelled through the side connections made of plastic and then silicone, which channel the air in the snorkel. In this way, the air constantly renewed. This is the same principle as the ventilation of your car windscreen.


It was developed to stop water from getting into the snorkel when there is choppy water, small waves on the surface or when the user leans their head too far forward to observe the seabed. There is a float in the snorkel that rises when you dive and blocks the tube.After diving, remember to blow out when returning to the surface to make sure that the float descends. 

Snorkeling Mask Features

  • EASY BREATHINGFull Face Snorkeling Mask for natural breathing through the nose and/or mouth.
  • EASE OF USESmall blade makes it easier for the fin to penetrate the water on the surface.
  • ANTI-FOGGINGAn exclusive air circulation concept that prevents the formation of fog.
  • FIELD OF VISIONPanoramic field of vision, 180 ° effect.
  • WATERPROOFThe Dry Top snorkel system limits water entry through the top of the snorkel.

 Snorkeling Mask Size Guide


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