Universal Projector Tripod Stand

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Universal Projector Tripod Stand

Keep your projector and other gadgets safe!

Tripod Stand Features

The Universal Projector Tripod Stand is multifunctional and will work well as a "multipurpose" product. It is made for laptops, computers, and projectors, but it will also work well with DJ equipments, books, presentations, etc. Use it anywhere such as home theaters, offices, studios, stages, business meetings, classrooms, etc.

The holder tray features raised border edges to prevent your electronic devices from accidentally falling. Be ensured with these safety feature will protect your high dollar electronic devices safely.

The projector stand can easily be set up without the requirement of any tools. Simply twist the holder tray on the tripod stand, then adjust the height to your need. It's also very portable. Untwist the holder tray, adjust the height back down, then fold the tripod to make it easy to carry around anywhere.

The projector stand can be adjusted to any height between 1150mm to 1850mm. It's perfect for adjusting the viewing height while watching movies, presentations in business meetings, etc. 


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